Batchwood School: Passion Belief Courage

Gallery: Fishing Trip at Riverside Fishery

On Wednesday, 22nd June, Batchwood School was invited by The Masonic Trout and Salmon Flyfishing Club, to their annual fishing event, at Riverside Fishery. We took along six students: Liam, Mathew, Monique, Jamie, Freddie and Ez. This is always an enjoyable day and we were very lucky with the weather this year, as it looked like it was going to rain all day, but it stayed dry! Apparently this is perfect weather for fishing.

Each student is allocated a fisherman to spend the day with. He explains how to fish correctly, showing the students the different techniques and bait to try and catch the fish (which are all placed back into the water). The bait consists mainly of maggots, which can take a little getting used to if you haven’t been fishing before!

There were various types of fish caught on the day – Roach, Crucian Carp, Rudd, Perch and Tench. Ez and Freddie caught a huge Mirror Carp – one of the biggest the fisherman had seen in a while.

We stopped for lunch – which was a great BBQ organised by the volunteers and then after another hour of fishing everybody gathered together to receive their certificates. There were three other schools attending the event on the day and it was good to meet other students and teaching staff from these schools.

As we were leaving the volunteer fisherman who had spent the day with our Batchwood students all commented on their excellent behaviour and good manners and said they had enjoyed their time with them, during the day.