Batchwood School: Passion Belief Courage

Teaching and Support Staff

Core Subjects:

English Department

  • Ms E McCabe (Head of English)
  • Mrs K Noble (Assistant Headteacher & Assistant SENDCo, Head of Personal Development/RHSE & Head of Year 9)
  • Mr M Noble (English & Business Studies teacher)
  • Ms J Murphy (Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo & English teacher)
  • Mrs D Melian (Assistant SENDCo & Head of Interventions)
  • Ms A Hakim (English TA)
  • Ms S Parkinson (English TA & Interventions)

Maths Department

  • Ms N Malik (Head of Maths)
  • Ms I Sumeg (Maths teacher)
  • Ms C Adam (Maths & English teacher)
  • Mr J Kemp (Headteacher & Maths teacher)
  • Ms E Corless (Maths TA)

Science Department

  • Mrs K Gopaul (Head of Science & Exams Officer)
  • Mr M Hurley (Science & Head of Year 8)
  • Mrs D Parsonage (Science Technician & TA)
  • Mrs N Horn (Science TA)
  • Mrs L McKenna (Core teacher & Core TA)

Nurture Department

  • Mrs G Benbow (Class teacher & Mental Health & Wellbeing lead)
  • Mrs E Patel (Nurture TA & Interventions)
  • Mrs J Nash (Nurture TA)

Foundation Subjects:

Creative Arts

  • Ms C Maxen (Head of Art & Head of Year 11)
  • Mrs K Morgan (Art TA)
  • Mr M Pearson (Head of Music & Head of Careers)
  • Ms B Hedges (Music TA)
  • Mr P Billingham (Assistant Headteacher & Head of DT)
  • Mrs T Gathard (DT teacher & TA)
  • Ms C Wilson (Head of Food Tech)
  • Mrs S Fitzgerald (Food Teacher & Engagement Support Worker)
  • Mr S Keamish (Food TA)
  • Ms E Sheldrake (Head of Hair & Beauty)
  • Ms J Avery (Foundation TA)
  • Mr J Cahill (Foundation TA)

Sport & Leisure

  • Mr J Bell (Head of Pastoral, Head of Year 10 & Head of PE)
  • Mr A Kemp (PE teacher & TA)
  • Mr R Whitaker (Deputy Headteacher, PE teacher & Head of Year 7)
  • Mr W Adam (PE TA)
  • Ms R McShane (PE TA)
  • Mr G Couling (Head of Forest School)
  • Mrs A Lowth (Forest School TA)

Cover Supervisors

  • Mrs N Waters
  • Ms L Graham

Catering Staff

  • Mr C Dawes (Head Chef)
  • Mrs M Smith (Catering Assistant)

Pastoral & Wellbeing Staff

  • Ms J Selby (Psychologist)
  • Ms M Czarnocka (Psychologist)
  • Mrs M Robin (Deputy DSL & SENDCo Assistant)
  • Mrs S Smiles (Attendance Officer)
  • Ms A Hussain (Student Support & Mentor)
  • Ms G Dunkley (Student Support & Mentor)
  • Ms K Pauling (Student Support & Mentor)

Administration Team

  • Mrs M Spokes (Office Manager & HR)
  • Ms J Harrison (Finance Manager)
  • Mrs K Harrison (Data Manager & GDPR)
  • Ms B McKeever (Admin Assistant)
  • Ms D Hawkes (Finance Assistant)
  • Ms S Leatham (Admin Assistant)
  • Ms A Coleshill (Admin Assistant)

Site Staff

  • Mr D Broadhead (Premises Manager)
  • Mr G Stickings (Caretaker)