Batchwood School: Passion Belief Courage

Relationships, Sex & Health Education Curriculum (RSHE)

Starting in September 2019, all Batchwood students receive one RSHE lesson a week taught by their form tutor. This subject is taught by form tutors to enable students to feel as comfortable as possible whilst learning and discussing what can be, sensitive topics. We like to work with all stakeholders and as such, parents were invited to attend a RSHE consultation evening in October with the form tutors and our RSHE lead. The aims of this evening were to:

  • Provide information on new statutory RSHE framework, in particular relationship and sex education.
  • Clarify the nature and purpose of the curriculum.
  • Create an open forum for parents to share their ideas, thoughts or concerns regarding the curriculum content and how it will be delivered.
  • Use the outcomes of this discussion to inform how we plan and deliver RSHE.

It is our aim as a school that Students are provided with a robust RSHE curriculum so that they are able to:

  • Embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life.
  • Gain knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships and to build their self-efficacy.
  • Put this knowledge into practice as they develop the capacity to make sound decisions when facing risks, challenges and complex contexts.
  • Develop resilience, to know how and when to ask for help, and to know where to access support.
  • Develop the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils, at school and in society

We endeavour to ensure all students are provided with a safe learning environment when studying RSHE and will do this as follows:

  • We will establish ground rules at the start of every lesson
  • Have an ‘Anonymous question box’ available at all times
  • Give students a ‘pass’ or ‘exit’ option: teachers will have agreed how students may signal to them that they don’t feel comfortable taking part in an activity.
  • Discussion with students on we can do to make them feel comfortable and find out which topics they are most interested in.
  • If students or teachers require any support with any issues that arise, they are able to speak to myself, SLT and/or the Safeguarding team
  • All teachers will have read guidance on creating a safe learning environment as advised by the PSHE association.

In addition to weekly lessons, promoting and supporting student’s Mental/physical health and positive relationships is at the heart of everything we do as a school. This includes, Calm starts, reflective time, increased PE lessons and opportunities to engage in Physical activity, cooking and learning about healthy food, mentoring, counselling, sessions with our Assistant Psychologist and supporting students in resolving conflicts and maintaining friendships.

To enrich our RSHE curriculum we will also deliver: extended learning days, have school visitors/workshops and trips in relationship to RSHE. In our Autumn term we have had a visit from the charity ‘Fearless’ who delivered workshops on knife crime, exploitation and guidance for young people on reporting crimes anonymously.

Topics we have started to cover in RSHE lessons so far are:

  • Forming positive friendships
  • Bullying & Cyber bullying
  • Online stress and FOMO, & Body image in the digital world.
  • Mental Health and Well-being

For any more information on our RSHE curriculum please contact our RSHE lead Ms L Graham: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)