Batchwood School: Passion Belief Courage

Outdoor Learning

Batchwood school is developing its curriculum to include different uses of Outdoor learning as an integral part of what we offer in school. There is a lot of evidence to show that our environment has an impact on how we learn.

In the natural environment our senses are aroused in a multitude of different ways beyond that which the boundaries of an indoor classroom could ever provide. A heightened sense of touch, taste, smell, our vision and the sounds we hear in the natural environment stimulate our brains in such a way that we are more receptive to learn. Our students are damaged, quite often as a result of attachment difficulties usually rooted in early life trauma. As significant and trusted adults in these children’s lives, we are well placed to provide support to them.

What is innovative about the Outdoor Project at Batchwood is that we are developing our own bespoke “in-house” programme for our students. This allows us to deliver outdoor experiences on a daily basis with Batchwood staff and not just a one off, expensive outdoor visit. This “service” is fully integrated into the school curriculum.

The Outdoor Learning project has been running for about 3 years now and it is beginning to mature in terms of the outdoor spaces and the curriculum development. The project comprises of three distinct areas: