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Able, Gifted and Talented Students

At Batchwood School we believe that all children should be challenged and inspired to achieve the best they can.

We understand the importance of creating a curriculum tailored to the individual needs of our pupils to motivate them to fulfil their potential. Gifted and Talented pupils are those who have been identified as showing an exceptional ability in one area or across different subjects. It might be that they are talented cartoonists, demon drummers or skilled chefs. Whatever their unique ability they have been identified by teachers who will stretch and stimulate them so they can gain the highest possible level.

This year we have seen the implementation of an Able, Gifted and Talented Programme, run by Mrs K Vincent offering a variety of activities designed to expand and inspire these students to be the very best. This programme includes visiting theatres, joining up with students from Falconer School to watch Macbeth at the Watford Vue cinema. .

There is not one single definition of what an Able, Gifted and Talented child is, however, at Batchwood we believe that we must strive to provide these pupils with the opportunities to develop and demonstrate their abilities both within and outside of the curriculum.