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The Maths department aims to equip all students with transferable numeracy skills; skills that will be used both within and beyond school. The department believes strongly in fostering an ethos and appreciation for a lifelong use of Maths as well as for meeting the demands of the curriculum.

As a National Curriculum core subject, Maths is given a large share of the school's timetable. It is a subject which students see a great deal of from the day they enter until the day they leave. This presents challenges for department staff to teach topics which sustain the interest and promote the enthusiasm of all pupils, whatever their strengths.



Maths at Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 the Mathematics Department follows differentiated schemes of learning aimed to meet the needs of all students. To help teach the curriculum we use a variety of tools including Mathslinks, Ten ticks and Mymaths in addition to resources aimed at various levels of ability. Students are formally assessed on a termly basis. This enables staff, students and parents to gauge progression and help ensure that students are provided with the maximum opportunity to make achievement in line with prior attainment data.

Key Stage 4 Qualifications


Mathematics in Years 10 & 11 follows the OCR GCSE 9-1 Mathematics (for the more able students this course starts in Year 9). This is offered at two tiers of entry; Higher Tier covers grades 4 to 9 and Foundation Tier is grades 1 to 5. A final decision on which tier of entry each student will be entered for will not be taken until after the end of the autumn term of Year 11.

The assessment at GCSE consists of three papers.  One paper does not allow the use of a calculator; the others allow a calculator to be used.  There is no coursework element to this examination.


The assessment for the Edexcel Award consists of a single paper.  Students have the opportunity to cover two Award qualifications, one in Number and Measures and a second in Statistical processes. The papers allow a calculator to be used. There is no coursework element to this examination.

Entry Level Certificate

Mathematics in Years 10 & 1, for some students, follows the AQA Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics. This is coursework based and consists of eight modules. There is no exam for this course.

Functional Skills

In Year 11, all students attain a Functional Skills qualification in Maths.  Each student will be entered at an appropriate level for them. We cover Levels 1 and 2 as well as Entry Level 1, 2 and 3 Functional Skills.

A Functional Skills qualification in Maths is often a requirement for an Apprenticeship.