Batchwood School: Make Everyday Count

School Council

Welcome all, to the new Batchwood school council newsletter!  The newsletter will be handed out to students and staff at Batchwood after every meeting and will contain all topics discussed at the meetings as well as any decisions reached by the council.  The school council discusses any points put forward by students at the school and comes to a decision on how to move forward on that point.  It is worth noting that no ideas or issues will be discussed that would result in the school rules being broken.

View the meeting timetable for the school council.

School Council Rules:

The first thing that the council decided on was a set of rules that they must stand by when meetings are held.  In other words what can and cannot be done by members of the council during meetings.

Rule 1 – When a member of council is speaking all other council members must wait until that member has finished speaking to voice their opinion.

Rule 2 – All council members must RESPECT each other.  This means:

  • No bad language.
  • No shouting at others.
  • No swearing

Rule 3 -  Voting within council will take place as follows:

  • For a point of issue to pass there must be a majority vote by a show of hands.

Rule 4 – There must be at least 51% of the council members present at the meeting for the meeting to take place.  As any less than this would mean that the whole school would not be represented fairly.

Rule 5 – At every meeting one member of the council must write down all that was discussed at the meeting and any decisions that were reached (this is called minute taking).  At first this will be done by staff council members but will eventually be done by student council members.

Rule 6 – At each meeting the council will discuss matters that relate to anti-bullying.

Rule 7 – A description of what happened at the meeting (the ‘minutes’) must be handed out to all students and explained by a council member.