Batchwood School: Make Everyday Count

House System

Batchwood School House Structure

Batchwood School has three houses.

Each student is a member of a House. There are a variety of House competitions that take place during the school academic year.  All students are involved in the events.

Each House has nominated House Representatives, one from each year,  who are led by the House Captain, a student from Year 11.

The House Captain and the Year 9 representative from each House sit on the School Council.

Allocation of House Points

The allocation of House points links directly into the schools ethos of progress in learning, positive attitudes, and team work. It also feeds into the schools' behaviour structure.

House points at Batchwood are gained by students in the following way:
1 house point is achieved for every excellent recorded on a students behaviour card.  Excellence are given for outstanding work, progress in their learning or behaviour.

10 house points are awarded to students who achieve a weekly gold card.

5 house points are awarded to students who achieve a weekly silver card.

0 house points are awarded to students who achieve a weekly red card.

In addition to this, students can be awarded SLT/ HoH House points (1-5) for a range of positive attitudes, behaviours, improvements, reaching set targets, taking part in assemblies, over coming difficulties etc.

Finally, House points are awarded for taking part in House competitions/events e.g. designing a House shield, inter House sporting events, inter House subject events and fundraising.

House Activities

Inter House competitions in 2014 to include

Inter House Problem Solving Activities

Inter House Football Competition

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