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Extra Curricular Activities

Batchwood School has a wide range of extracurricular clubs ranging from Sporting activities to Art, Dance and Science clubs as well as Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze).

Extracurricular opportunities have been shown to improve academic performance. They allow students to unlock new skills, such as problem solving, and improve their self-confidence.

Extra-curricular activities also boost young people's confidence to interact socially with others; extend their social networks; and provide them with new skills and abilities. Above all, they offer an important space to have fun and relax away from the pressures of school work.

What is the value of extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities can keep students afloat with purpose and positive self-esteem. Children also learn important skills such as leadership, time management, discipline, teamwork, conflict resolution, and problem-solving through extracurricular activities.

Below are the Extracurricular activities we offer at Batchwood School.  Transport home afterwards is a challenge, so if parents/carers can collect, this will make the administration of getting students home that much easier.

Day Activity Time
Monday Music 3-4
Monday Science 3-4
Monday Sports 3-4
Thursday Dance 3-4
Thursday D of E 2-3


Extra curricular activities that further enhance our own curriculum.