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2017 Exams Analysis

New Performance Measures

In 2016 DFE Performance measures were changed. Two headline measures were introduced named Performance and Attainment 8 measures. Progress 8 aims to capture the progress a pupil makes from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school. It is a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils with the same prior attainment. Data can no longer be compared year on year as you could with the A*-G measures as Progress 8 changes each year.

Results 2017

Batchwood School is exempt from the national floor standard for measuring Performance 8, however our Performance Score is still published and this data is statutory:

  • Our published Progress 8 for all students was -2.14. Last year our score was -2.25 so this is an improvement.
  • Our Attainment 8 Average is 4.86.
  • 0% of students achieved a good or strong grade in English and Maths (a good grade in 2017 is defined as a level 4 and a strong grade is a level 5).
  • 5% of students achieved a strong grade in Maths.
  • 0% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate (this means pupils who got a GCSE grade C or above in English, Maths, 2 sciences, a language and History or Geography).


At Batchwood School we think it is fairer for students if we tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of students rather than picking qualifications that attract “points” for DFE measures. We are very proud that all of our Year 11 students left us with at least one qualification.

We are also very pleased to report that one of our students obtained a Level 5 (a high C grade) in Maths.

It is also important to remember that our Students starting points at Key Stage 2 are well below the national average. This years cohort of Year 11 students have a Key Stage 2 APS of 21.00 (Roughly a national Curriculum level of a 3C) compared to a national average of 27.6 (national curriculum level of a 4B). This means that our students come to our school with a Key Stage 2 score which is 4 sub levels lower than the national average.

Website to view our exam results and compare school performance

Results for Vulnerable Groups – Closing the Gaps

At Batchwood School we are focused on closing gaps in Attainment/Achievement for our disadvantaged pupils.

  • Pupil Premium (disadvantaged) students had a P8 score of -2.19 and achieved an attainment 8 average score of 5.45 which is above the score of the average student(4.86).
  • Non pupil premium students have an average attainment 8 score of -1.67 which makes pupil premium Attainment 8 scores higher by 3.78 points. Nationally, Pupil Premium students have lower scores than non pupil premium students so this data is positive for our school.
  • Free School Meal students have a P8 Score of -2.25 but they have a good attaiment score of 6.57 which is higher than non FSM students who have a score of 3.85.
  • CLA students have a P8 score of -1.89 which is lower than the general cohort’s score of -2.14.


Who What Where
Student 1 Springboard Study Functional Skills (Level 1)
Student 2 Springboard Study Functional Skills (Level 1)
Student 3 Springboard Study Functional Skills (Level 1)
Student 4 Oaklands College Landmark (Level 1)
Student 5 Oaklands College Landmark (Level 1)
Student 6 Oaklands College Animal Care (Level 1)
Student 7 Oaklands College Plumbing (Level 1)
Student 8 Oaklands College Plumbing (Level 1)
Student 9 Oaklands College Mechanics (Level 1)
Student 10 Oaklands College Sports & Rugby Academy
Student 11 West Herts College Mechanics (Level 1)
Student 12 West Herts College Music performance (Level 2)
Student 13 Caple Manor Horticulture (Level 1)
Student 14 Traineeship through HCC Health and Social Care
Student 15 Traineeship through Health and Social Care
Student 16 Develop (training provider) Construction (Level 1)
Student 17 Remaining at C&G Plastering
Student 18 Supported employment team Employment