Batchwood School: Make Everyday Count


Senior Leadership Team

  • Executive Headteacher:  Jonathan Kemp
  • Assistant Headteacher - Ross Whitaker
  • Head of Well-being:  Tom Tansey
  • Teaching & Learning & Curriculum: Laura DeGale
  • Cover & Teaching & Learning: Kelly Vincent

Middle Leaders

  • Responsible for: Attendance, Alternative Provision & Exams:  Mrs S Slater, BSc (Hons) PGCE
  • Responsible for: Outdoor Curriculum:  Mr P Billingham, BA (Hons) PGCE
  • Responsible for: Newly Qualified Teachers:  Mrs K Gopaul, BSc (Hons) MA PGCE


  • SENCO:  Miss Jo Murphy, BSc (Hons) QTS

Subject Teachers

  • Art:  Miss C Maxen, BA BSc (Hons) QTS
  • Design Technology:  Mr P Billingham, BA (Hons) PGCE   
  • Drama:  Miss Darcie Jackson, BA (Hons)
  • English:  Mrs Kelly Vincent, BA (Hons) QTS
  • English:  Miss Jo Murphy, BSc (Hons) QTS
  • English:  Mrs Emma McCabe, BA (Hons)
  • Food Technology:  Ms Laura Graham, BSc (Hons) QTS
  • Hair Dressing:  Mrs Emma Holleyman
  • Head of Maths:  Mrs S Slater, BSc (Hons) QTS
  • Maths:  Miss Marian Davies, BA (Hons) QTS
  • Maths:  Mr Steven Johnson
  • Maths and Humanties:  Mrs Nina Waters
  • Music:  Mr Mark Pearson
  • PE:  Miss J Matthews, BA (Hons) PGCE
  • Science:  Mrs K Gopaul, BSc (Hons) MA PGCE
  • Science:  Mr Mark Hurley
  • Outdoor Learning/Bushcraft:  Mr Graham Couling

Teaching Assistants

  • Ms Debbie Hawkes – Lead TA
  • Mrs Tessa Fahrenheim
  • Miss Ashley Hussain, BA (Hons)
  • Mr Steven Johnson
  • Mrs Alison Lowth BA (Hons)
  • Mrs Sally Smiles BA (Hons)
  • Mrs Sue Solo
  • Mrs Deborah Parsonage B Ed
  • Mrs Marg Robin HND
  • Miss Clair Wilson
  • Ms Claire Adam
  • Ms Nadia Falconer
  • Ms Tiana Golden
  • Ms Santana Leatham
  • Mr Nathan Johnson
  • Ms Kayleigh Clark


  • Head of Well-being and Site Responsibility: Mr T Tansey


Support Staff

  • Finance Officer:  Mrs Kirstie Palin BSc (Hons)
  • Receptionist/Administrator:  Mrs Sharon Vella
  • Health & Safety/Facilities Coordinator:  Mrs Amanda Clewlow
  • Record Management Officer:  Mr Franco Vella
  • Catering: Mrs Nev Myring / Ms Kerry Blow
  • Assistant Caretaker - Darin Van der Bank

Educational Psychologist

  • Dr Gemma Handelsman

School Counsellors

  • Nick Beesley
  • Merete Richardson

Psychiatric Nurse Part-time

  • Chris Lodder