Batchwood School: Make Everyday Count


FAB Meeting.


To raise funds in order to expand the opportunities of students at Batchwood School.


To extend the educational opportunities for the students outside the classroom:

  • To take the students on residential trips
  • To take the students on day trips and excursions

The Charity began in 2011. It is made up of trustees and volunteers who want to support the school to help enrich the lives of the studentss.


FAB have raised over £13,000 to enable the students to take part in PGL trips and other residential trips which have been extremely beneficial in giving the students opportunities that they would otehrwise not be able to experience.

FAB have held quiz nights, fashion shows and musical events.

If you would like to get involved , please contact Carolyn Butterworth via the school.

Gallery: FAB Quiz Night raises £4k

Members of FAB

  • Don Fahrenheim: Chairman
  • Richard Hattrell: Treasurer
  • Linda Rowell: Trustee
  • Andy Rowell: Trustee
  • Karen Tweddle: Trustee
  • Carolyn Butterworth: Trustee
  • Rachel Stewart: Friend
  • Jane Howe: Friend
  • Linda Freeman: Friend
  • Alan Smith: Friend
  • Penny Smith: Friend
  • Caroline Boothby: Friend
  • Chris Boothby: Friend

Next FAB Meeting to be announced

Volunteers that help in the school

  • Alan Smith
  • Chris Ashton
  • Andy Smith
  • Geoff Sutton
  • Jane Howe